Weight Loss Meal Plans

By | April 21, 2012

Different weight loss meal plans are now introduced to the public so you may have a hard time choosing that which can work perfectly for you.  weight loss meal plansThis is the main reason why you need to do a comprehensive research about the healthiest foods that can help you significantly reduce weight.

The following foods are among those that you should consider including in your weight loss meal plans:

  1. Fruit: Before you decide to include fruits in your weight loss meal plans, categorize them depending on their sugar content. Knowing the specific amount of sugar present in a fruit will make it easier for you to determine the safest portion that you can consume.  Among the fruits that have the lowest sugar content are raspberries, rhubarb, lemon, lime, cranberries and blackberries.Those that have slightly higher sugar content are blueberries, peaches, cantaloupes, papaya, watermelon, strawberries, apples, apricots and grapefruit.Pineapple, oranges, pears, plums and kiwifruit have fairly high sugar content but these are still good for your health.

    Fruits that contain the highest amount of sugar are grapes, cherries, mangoes, bananas, tangerines and figs.

  2. Salmon: This is something that you should include in your weight loss meal plans especially if you want to focus more on eating protein rich foods.What is good about salmon is that it is also rich in healthy fats.  Consuming salmon for at least two times each week is a major help in meeting your nutritional requirements.
  3. Oats: These are low in sugar and are rich in fiber and good carbohydrates.  Your body will have an easier time digesting this food so expect to get a lower blood sugar level if you include this in your regular weight loss meal plans.Another advantage of oats is that these are filling so you get the chance to prevent unhealthy cravings.
  4. Nuts and Seeds: Both of these are excellent sources of essential nutrients and are amazing alternatives to foods that have extremely high starch content such as wheat.A good choice for seeds would be flax because of its healthy nature and low carbohydrate content.  Both the nuts and seeds are also rich in fiber, healthy fat and protein so these are extremely useful in reaching your weight loss goals.
  5. Others: Other foods that you should incorporate in your weight loss meal plans are lean meats, quinoa, chicken breast, almonds, legumes, dairy products and whole grains.

Weight Loss Meal Plans – What Foods to Avoid?

If you do not want to ruin the positive effects of your weight loss meal plans, then you should also research about the foods that you should stay away from.  White flour products such as white bread and buns are on top of the foods that you should avoid since these can ruin your plans to lose weight.  These foods can increase your waistline, have pure refined carbohydrates and can increase the level of sugar within your body which may trigger the release of insulin resulting to more fat stores.  If you do not fully eliminate white flour products from your diet, then your designed weight loss meal plans will be put to waste.

Whole milk should also be avoided because despite its high protein and calcium content, this is still loaded with calories.  Start choosing non-fat milk to reduce your chances of gaining more weight.  Other foods that you should avoid to continue sticking to your weight loss meal plans are regular pork bacon, potato chips, donuts covered with chocolate, fried foods, pies, pastries, cookies, cakes, candies and those that have high sugar content.

Weight Loss Meal Plans – A Guide to Creating an Effective One

There are a lot of weight loss meal plans that are now introduced to the public and you should consider using these plans as a guide in creating your own.  A wise tip is to design a meal plan which serves other purposes aside from helping you reduce weight.  Create a diet plan which also teaches you how to stick to healthy eating habits while promoting a positive change in your current lifestyle.

When designing your weight loss meal plans, you should keep in mind that you can never lose weight overnight.  You should create a plan which focuses on extreme calorie restriction, avoiding too much sugar and unhealthy fats and preventing starvation.  You should also do a research about calories, the food pyramid, easy to prepare yet healthy recipes and the nutritional values of the different food groups.  You should also be determined enough to continue sticking to the plan that you have created.  If possible, keep track of your progress when trying any of the most effective weight loss meal plans by creating reports so you will know if your chosen plan has worked for you.


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